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The N ° 3 Black Sapphire – Siberian Baeri Caviar produced in France – Customize it !

Baeri caviar from France:
On the palate, this caviar is characterized by its texture and the fusion of the eggs. A creamy caviar with marine and hazelnut notes on the finish.
An elegant and balanced caviar. A fresh, short maturing caviar.
This breeding farm is a pioneer in sturgeon breeding in France, the estate masters the breeding of sturgeons and the production of caviar. This
caviar expresses all the subtle complexity of this product and its fresh notes of hazelnuts and dried fruits.
Discover or rediscover the taste of caviar, invent other reasons, other moments, other ways to taste it.
Respect for nature is at the heart of the concerns of this farm through a comprehensive approach to protecting the environment and all the
resources involved in the production of caviar: nature, animals and people. The sturgeons are all raised in the best conditions: renewed quality
water, organic food and low density.

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Caviar Baeri grain
Latin name: Acipenser Baerii
Siberian sturgeon native to Siberia (Baykal Lake)
Commercial name: Baeri
Production: Europe (France)
Grains: From 2.6 to 2.8 mm
Color: Black to amber
Recipe: Malossol



Our sturgeon are raised in crystal clear waters and in natural environment, with the best nutrition.
They are treated with attentiveness and care which is reflected in our caviar’s taste and purity.
Caviar is a product of nature. Therefore, as with all natural products, colour and size may vary. Our caviar is passionately handcrafted.

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