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The N ° 4 Antioquia – Russian Oscietra Caviar produced in South America 

Oscietra Caviar
A firm and deliciously melting texture, a unique combination of land and sea, the familiar smoothness of the saline acidity of the oceans. Dressed in
a dark grain of good size, the taste of this caviar is frank and predominantly fruity.
This Caviar was born from the conviction that the exceptional can only be achieved by following a different path. Inspired by the sturgeon that
swims against that of a world that moves away from the natural every day, the result is an original river caviar, unique in the world, which reaches
its right maturity when winter arrives in the northern hemisphere. This caviar comes from the sturgeon farm located on the Rio Negro in South
America. A continent known for the fertility of its soils, the purity of its air and its waters. In the calm waters of the Río Negro, cold in winter and hot
in summer, the sturgeon have for two decades found a perfect habitat to develop their life naturally and produce the only caviar in the world from
the southern hemisphere.

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Caviar Oscietra grain
Latin name: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii
Russian sturgeon native to the Caspian Sea
Commercial name: Oscietra Antioquia
Production: South America<
Grains: From 2.8 to 3 mm
Color: Black to brown
Recipe: Malossol, Andean salt

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